The best pulse oximeters for your fingertip in 2020

When you are shopping for a fingertip pulse oximeter, you should take a look at the models which are compact and durable, with quick result display and easy to read design. It is better to choose the ones with black background displays. Models are also highly recommended if it can fit different fingers and come with more features including carrying cases, necklace attachments and changeable display modes.

  1. Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is an ideal fingertip oximeter designed for professional athletes. It shows Sp02 and delivers readings within only 10 seconds or less, being able to read and display Sp02 levels of up to the highest accuracy and featuring a bright digital display which is easy to read no matter what the light condition would be. Moreover, the device is small, compact and durable, with a silicone cover to prevent it from being damaged by dirt, moisture. There includes a lanyard attaching to the unit for easy placing around the neck. Another prominent point is its compact and light design.

To sum up, this fingertip oximeter, which comes with high durability and an easy-to-read display under bright direct sunlight as well as extra accessories, are among the best choices for both professional athletes and people with medical conditions.

  1. Facelake FL400 Pulse Oximeter

The Facelake FL400 Pulse Oximeter reads Sp02 and pulses results within less than 10 seconds, features a clear black on red digital display with a useful battery level indicator, which makes it an option for all ages. It has a nylon carrying case, two AAA batteries for use immediately without sophistication, a lanyard for wearing the device around the neck, as well as a bright and colorful design.

In spite of the fact that the device can show data within 10 seconds or less, those who would like to receive the most accurate reading need to wait for around 24 seconds, which tends to be slower than other options. However, after all, this is still a very accurate and durable model to pick for seniors.

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