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The battle of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and Microsoft Surface Duo_Part 2

However, each of these products has a different design and bring to different ways and it can change our daily usage habits. With the price of about 50 million is not cheap, so customer must be more careful.

Practical Use: One smartphone is one type

These products also have different uses. The basic feature is to make phone calls. Galaxy Z Fold2 has an screen design so users can easily recognize who is calling, it has a speakerphone so you can easily hold and listen.

Holding the Galaxy Z Fold2 in hand, it take a call is very natural, no different from traditional smartphones.

You have to open the screen to know who is calling you because there is no speakerphone.

Take a calls on the Surface Duo is not very convenient when you listen to the phone. You have to open flip the screen because the speaker is in the inside …

With insert information, customers will be a little confused when the keyboard for input is only on one side of the screen and if you want to use the full keyboard, you have to drag the application window on both screens, or to fold the screen and use only one side for easy typing.

With the Galaxy Z Fold2, this is easier because the width of the Fold2 screen when opened is still acceptable for input. Samsung still gives the choice of the keyboard to one side easily.

Next is the handheld, as the Surface Duo is larger in size but it is not difficult to hold.

Use a screen with a high durability and do not use a folding screen like Fold2. It has a thick bezel that allows customers to grip their fingers tightly to the body of the camera to hold the phone without worrying about damage.

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