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The battle of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and Microsoft Surface Duo_Part 1

Galaxy Z Fold2 and Surface Duo are stand-in for new technology and special experience. If you are bored with the traditional form factor, now is the time to you update new things. However, each of these products has a different design and bring to different ways and it can change our daily usage habits. With the price of about 50 million is not cheap, so customer must be more careful.

Design: One luxury, One simple

The first look, designs of these two products are different. With the Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung uses folding screen technology to equip their latest flagship, thus creating an impressive effect right now at the first.

Galaxy Z Fold2 is very attractive in folding screen technology but it also has a very luxurious appearance. It is cared more by Samsung and so is not big as the first version.

Holding this phone, in addition to expressing himself as the difference among the crowd, customer prove class of their right from the luxurious design lines. The screen 7.6 inches. The shape is square. Having found a suitable big screen, customer reading newspapers or e-books is good

Galaxy Z Fold2 uses Dynamic AMOLED 2x like on the Galaxy Note20, this screen gives a 120Hz scan speed and smooth motion with many  activities. At present, the Galaxy Z Fold2 can serving entertainment of the top.

With Surface Duo, Microsoft have a dual-screen smartphone with a design look like an electronic book or dictionary than a phone.

The Surface Duo design different from the Galaxy Z Fold2 and about the luxury, Microsoft has lost to the Korean manufacturer.

Surface Duo is made very simple on the outside and has no special point except the shiny window logo. We will see more clearly Duo’s two separate screens design, using OLED with a size of 5.6 inches / screen (1800 x 1350 resolution), 4: 3 ratio and can be paired form a large 8.1-inch display with more display space (3: 2).

Surface Duo has size of 8.1 inches inside, 0.5 inches wide compared to the Galaxy Z Fold2.

Simple but does not mean that this phone has no advantages. First, the hinge mechanism of the Surface Duo is designed similar to the tablet hybrid laptop, which can be rotated 360 degrees. Second, thanks to the use of two separate screens, the Surface Duo’s screen is more durable. Surface Duo is equipped with Gorilla Glass 5.

Surface Duo is equipped with Gorilla Glass 5.

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