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Review of the fastest electric unicycle to purchase in 2020

To sum up, the SUPERRIDE S1000 looks attractive with a unique take on the conventional electric unicycle style. With simple controls and quick charging abilities, this electric unicycle is an ideal option for those who would like something new.

SUPERSIDE S1000 – the quickest electric unicycle

This electric unicycle is able to travel up to 15 miles after every single charge, which is a standard for most products. If the battery is totally dead, it would take an hour to recharge, which is much quicker than many other unicycles. The battery can also be removed, which makes it become more convenient to recharge no matter where you are.

The S1000 can reach a maximum speed of around 20 miles every hour easily, which is great for those who would like to travel in longer distances within a short time length. With the equipped seat and handlebars, traveling at such high speeds is more effortless and more comfortable for any rider. Nevertheless, this type of configuration would be more difficult to learn in comparison with the standard mode of operations for conventional unicycles. You can see how fast you are travelling by looking at the LED display. Top speeds can be safer thanks to the equipped LED headlight and electronic horn.

In addition, thanks to a strong motor of 1000 watts, the SUPERRIDE S1000 can deal with both hills and rough surfaces easily. Such powerful motor makes the unicycle more durable after a long -term use.

In terms of the weight limit, this electric unicycle, which is aimed at beginners, can carry up to 280 pounds. This is a little bit higher than other unicycles. The seat helps would accelerate the unicycle’s maximum load, yet it can not be adjusted. Another choice that you should also take a look at is the Kingsong 16S by eWheels, which is a strong electric unicycle that can reach up to 22 miles per hour. The King Song can charge quickly and comes with an extended battery lifespan mode, which can extend the life of battery by 4 times than the usual charge you can receive from a standard charger.

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