Relationship With Others Is Important

If the problem of loneliness is related to social relations, then we can conclude that the solution lies within society.

These include singles, people with reduced mobility or communication problems due to age or disability, newcomers and recent immigrants, single parents, people who suffer from mental illness and those who care for close relatives who are seriously ill or dying.

Simple gestures of goodness can positively affect the lives of these people. Pelleting the snow, preparing a meal, offering to go to the market, relaying a caregiver, offering to lead someone to a community activity are all ways to get in front of people, to help them feel valued and increase their sense of belonging to the community. Remember that giving is as good for you as it is getting.

Here are some ways to make stronger and deeper connections with others:

  • Find time each day with family
  • Organize outings with friends you have not seen for a long time
  • Turn off the TV and the computer and go play or just talk with your kids
  • Go out for dinner with a colleague or, better yet, go for a walk on the south
  • Visit a friend or family member who needs support or companionship
  • Offer your volunteer services to a school, church or community group in your community

We need very little time to realize how important our relationships with others to our well-being. Our happiness, our joys and our sense of belonging come mainly from our relationships with others.

But our relationships are also our main source of suffering. Our quality of life at home, at work and in the community depends on how we relate to family, colleagues, and neighbors.

According to some scientists, the brains of human beings are larger and have more circuits and neurological connections than other animals, allowing them to cope with the complexity of human relationships.

Our “power of information processing” is what helps us understand the signals people send us and what they expect from us, to empathize, to tell jokes and to laugh about them, to express our disagreement and formulate criticism with tact and diplomacy. It is also the one that allows us to solve problems, using collaboration and negotiation,

We are socialĀ beings. Relationships with others are important to us.

The desire to come into contact with others is present from birth and continues throughout our lives.