Most Loyal Breeds Of Dog


Most dogs have a feeling of loyalty to their owners, especially when they are raised by them since they are small. There are breeds that have this feature more accentuated.

Let’s find out what are the most loyal breeds of dogs.

The most faithful dogs in the world

San Bernardo

It is one of the most friendly and peaceful dogs. It is a very affectionate animal, very loyal and attached to its owners. This breed of dog is ideal for children, because of it congenial very well with them, in fact, it is known as “the nanny dog “. It should be noted that it can live up to 10 years.

Yorkshire terrier

Is a small and active dog, will always seek attention to be pampered. In addition, he is very overprotective and a good housekeeper, because he tends to bark a lot when there are strangers. This dog breed lives up to 20 years.


No doubt a very sweet and familiar dog. In addition, it has a great intelligence and is always attentive to its owners.

He is known for his excellent work as a sheepdog and always defends his family in case of danger. It is a guardian race because it is startled by the minimum noise.

Other loyal races with their owners

German Shepherd

Is a dog of great intelligence and a great guardian. An ideal breed for the little ones by their obedient attitude. Many people with vision disabilities choose these animals as their guide.

Of course, they need to stay in shape, so daily exercise will be imperative. This breed is also a great companion for camping and hiking during your weekends and holidays.


It has a great strength, and a very balanced dog, loyal and intelligent. In addition, he is an excellent vigilante and very affectionate with its owners.

In fact, if someone in your family is assaulted, the boxer will not hesitate to defend.


This is a guardian, intelligent, friendly and very affectionate dog, although it may be somewhat reserved with strangers. It is considered a giant race, but its large size is equivalent to its great fidelity.

He is a bit stubborn, so he will have to be educated firmly.

Many people look for very loyal and protective dog breeds, especially those families who have young children in their care.

Dogs are very loyal animals, for that reason all these very faithful dog breeds will be perfect for you if it is a quality that you admire in dogs.

However, do not forget that even if a dog is faithful by nature, taking care of him, respecting him and treating him properly will be the key to deciding that you are worthy of his fidelity.