General Camping Advice

Besides being great fun, camping is very economical and is within reach of many people. But it’s more complicated than going out with a tent and installing it simply anywhere. It is important to take into account some important aspects if you want to go camping and have fun.

camping tent

Camping advice

If you have never gone camping it is easy to forget something essential. Pay attention to these tips, you will learn a lot:

1. What to bring

You already have the store and the bags. But some things are missing. What? The utensils for cooking and eating are indispensable:

A small gas stove
Some small pot and some frying pan
Plates, cutlery, and glasses
Neither can you forget a first aid kit, some mosquito repellent, flashlights and, of course, toiletries? Also, don’t forget some tough tactical gear. Click here to see some.

2. Where to camp

The simplest, if you are not used to camping, is to look for some camping near the site you want to visit. These places are very prepared, with all the basic services you may need and their prices are usually affordable.

If you are thinking about free camping, you should make sure it is allowed in the place you have chosen. To do this, make the relevant inquiries and, if necessary, request the corresponding authorization.

Once you’ve arrived at the perfect spot, make sure you put your tent in high areas and no canals. Find a good place in the shade, that is level and watch that there are no anthills. Before setting up the store, it is also advisable to look carefully if the ground is clean, without stones or branches.

Camp in an area that is not far from the city or urban centers. This way, you will not be so isolated and you will have more fun options, especially when there is not good weather.

3. Getting comfortable

It’s fun to go camping and spend a few days in a tent sleeping in a sleeping bag. But you must keep in mind that if you are not well prepared, the body will begin to complain soon.

That is why, if you are going to go many days camping, it is best to bring pillows and inflatable mattresses. They do not occupy much place and are infinitely more comfortable than the sleeping bags. With them, you will rest without problems.

Bringing chairs and a folding table where you can sit and rest and eat is also important.