Can You Have Romantic Relationships Online?

Romantic relationships have traditionally involved deceptive elements; these are supposed to increase the romantic attraction and decrease the risk of ending the relationship. The internet provides more ways to improve deception. The more voluntary nature of online self-presentation involves the risk of being more susceptible to manipulation; in such a controlled exhibition, there is plenty of room for deception, misrepresentation and even infidelity. As one woman commented, “It’s harder to lie when you live three blocks away.

What do People Lie About Online?

dating onlinePeople in cyberspace are often dishonest about their identifying characteristics, such as age, race, height, weight, sex or employment. With respect to interests and backgrounds, there are no significant differences between online and offline relationships. In the latter case, false claims about age and external appearance are difficult to detect; false claims concerning interests, profession, education and other basic features are easier to refute, as these questions become the subject of conversations between the two online partners. Indeed, a man and his colleagues found that in a survey, 48% of users said they had changed their age “occasionally” and 23% said they had done “often”. In addition, 38% changed race online and 5% were allowed to change their sex from time to time. In offline and online relationships, when the level of engagement is high, misrepresentations are low.

Talk about disturbing. You never know who you are talking to out there.

Most Loyal Breeds Of Dog


Most dogs have a feeling of loyalty to their owners, especially when they are raised by them since they are small. There are breeds that have this feature more accentuated.

Let’s find out what are the most loyal breeds of dogs.

The most faithful dogs in the world

San Bernardo

It is one of the most friendly and peaceful dogs. It is a very affectionate animal, very loyal and attached to its owners. This breed of dog is ideal for children, because of it congenial very well with them, in fact, it is known as “the nanny dog “. It should be noted that it can live up to 10 years.

Yorkshire terrier

Is a small and active dog, will always seek attention to be pampered. In addition, he is very overprotective and a good housekeeper, because he tends to bark a lot when there are strangers. This dog breed lives up to 20 years.


No doubt a very sweet and familiar dog. In addition, it has a great intelligence and is always attentive to its owners.

He is known for his excellent work as a sheepdog and always defends his family in case of danger. It is a guardian race because it is startled by the minimum noise.

Other loyal races with their owners

German Shepherd

Is a dog of great intelligence and a great guardian. An ideal breed for the little ones by their obedient attitude. Many people with vision disabilities choose these animals as their guide.

Of course, they need to stay in shape, so daily exercise will be imperative. This breed is also a great companion for camping and hiking during your weekends and holidays.


It has a great strength, and a very balanced dog, loyal and intelligent. In addition, he is an excellent vigilante and very affectionate with its owners.

In fact, if someone in your family is assaulted, the boxer will not hesitate to defend.


This is a guardian, intelligent, friendly and very affectionate dog, although it may be somewhat reserved with strangers. It is considered a giant race, but its large size is equivalent to its great fidelity.

He is a bit stubborn, so he will have to be educated firmly.

Many people look for very loyal and protective dog breeds, especially those families who have young children in their care.

Dogs are very loyal animals, for that reason all these very faithful dog breeds will be perfect for you if it is a quality that you admire in dogs.

However, do not forget that even if a dog is faithful by nature, taking care of him, respecting him and treating him properly will be the key to deciding that you are worthy of his fidelity.

General Camping Advice

Besides being great fun, camping is very economical and is within reach of many people. But it’s more complicated than going out with a tent and installing it simply anywhere. It is important to take into account some important aspects if you want to go camping and have fun.

camping tent

Camping advice

If you have never gone camping it is easy to forget something essential. Pay attention to these tips, you will learn a lot:

1. What to bring

You already have the store and the bags. But some things are missing. What? The utensils for cooking and eating are indispensable:

A small gas stove
Some small pot and some frying pan
Plates, cutlery, and glasses
Neither can you forget a first aid kit, some mosquito repellent, flashlights and, of course, toiletries? Also, don’t forget some tough tactical gear. Click here to see some.

2. Where to camp

The simplest, if you are not used to camping, is to look for some camping near the site you want to visit. These places are very prepared, with all the basic services you may need and their prices are usually affordable.

If you are thinking about free camping, you should make sure it is allowed in the place you have chosen. To do this, make the relevant inquiries and, if necessary, request the corresponding authorization.

Once you’ve arrived at the perfect spot, make sure you put your tent in high areas and no canals. Find a good place in the shade, that is level and watch that there are no anthills. Before setting up the store, it is also advisable to look carefully if the ground is clean, without stones or branches.

Camp in an area that is not far from the city or urban centers. This way, you will not be so isolated and you will have more fun options, especially when there is not good weather.

3. Getting comfortable

It’s fun to go camping and spend a few days in a tent sleeping in a sleeping bag. But you must keep in mind that if you are not well prepared, the body will begin to complain soon.

That is why, if you are going to go many days camping, it is best to bring pillows and inflatable mattresses. They do not occupy much place and are infinitely more comfortable than the sleeping bags. With them, you will rest without problems.

Bringing chairs and a folding table where you can sit and rest and eat is also important.


When do you call a professional carpenter?

Do you need to put doors or windows in your home? Are you planning a renovation? Do you want to DIY? Many work projects require the intervention of a professional carpenter. We will see in this article what is the price of carpentry work and the price of a professional carpenter.

When to call a professional carpenter? Everything will depend on the type of project work you are considering. Between creation, manufacture, installation, repair, and renovation, the different skills of a professional carpenter allow him to work on almost all projects.

In pure carpentry, most guys will be able to intervene on everything related to the wood (including customized design). For the rest, a carpenter is most often hired for the installation of door or window (wooden or for other materials).


Some examples of carpentry work:

Building a door or gate
Building a window or shutter
Building a cladding or parquet
Building a terrace or staircase
Building a kitchen or closet
For tailor-made projects such as the creation of furniture or wooden elements, you will need to contact a specialized carpenter (with cabinetmaker skills).

Finally, for the framework, it is better to call on a craftsman roofer or a carpenter than a handyman.

The carpenter will also be useful to you in the framework of the projects of furnishing for a room (bathroom or kitchen for example). When tailor-made creative work accompanies the project, he may collaborate with an architect or an interior designer.

The choice of a professional carpenter for your works also makes it possible to benefit from favorable price level materials (especially regarding the wood). For the most important projects, this advantage can even absorb the cost of labor as they will typically have their own power tools like this saw

How much will it cost to install a window, a door or to hire a pro?

Window price

The price of a window installation project will depend on the price of the materials and the time required to install the window.

For window prices per se, it will be necessary to take into account:

Materials in the window
Type of glazing
Dimensions of the window
For the intervention of the craftsman, the cost of the labor will depend on the time of installation necessary. For models with standard dimensions, the installation fee for a window is generally between 130 and 250 dollars (per window).

In the case of tailor-made products, the price of the project is generally 30% higher compared to the same project with standard dimensions closest to the tailor-made model.

Of course, a quote request will allow you to better estimate the budget to envisage for your works.